8th August 2019

vps05den01 Hypervisor Reboot for Kernel Update, scheduled 3 months ago

Mean Servers will be performing an emergency node reboot on vps05den01 tonight at 03:30 AM Denver time. This reboot is required in order to install a kernel patch for a recently discovered vulnerability related to Meltdown and Specter, CVE-2019-1125. We anticipate the downtime experienced by clients on this hypervisor to be no more than 20 minutes. Please monitor our status page at https://status.meanservers.com for related information regarding this emergency scheduled maintenance.

[UPDATE August 9, 2019 03:43 Denver time] vps05den01 has been rebooted and all KVM's are coming back online. Should you be experiencing any connectivity issues, please open a support ticket. This concludes this maintenance window.